Beetroot, pear and goats cheese autumn salade


  • 300g beetroots (you can mix red, candy and golden)
  • 1 pear
  • 60g Firm goats cheese such as crottin
  • Handful green beans or rocket leaves
  • For the dressing:
    • 2tbs olive oil
      1tbs balsamic vinegar
      Salt and pepper


    Trim and roast the beetroots in their skins in a 180C fan oven until tender inside (for approximately 20-40 minutes depending on the size of the beets). You can do this ahead of time and peel and cut the beetroot and store in a Tupperware in the fridge for a couple of days.

    Blanche the green beans in salt water then place in an ice bath.

    Wash, core and slice the pear lengthwise into around 8 pieces. If not serving the salad immediately, brush the pear flesh with a solution of 50:50 lemon juice and water.

    Combine all ingredients and drizzle the dressing ingredients on top. Serve immediately.

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