Baristas Coffee Collective – Bristol

Week 11 of baby Ivy being in our lives and it’s time to take my new mum bod and the weekend bags under my eyes on a hen weekend. Let’s all go she said. It will be fun she said. Fast forward to one night of all 4 of us in the Novotel prior to a day of cocktail making after 11 months of abstinence and coffee was a must. I’m talking gooooood strong coffee required.

Baristas Coffee Collective delivered! Delicious coffee, very friendly service and I didn’t even have to spell my name to get it. A far cry from the desperation of Starbucks…

I got a watercolour of a mackerel to hang in my kitchen. 🎉🎉

All in all a success and some very excellent coffee. About ready for a hen do! I’ll spare anyone the photos of the next morning when the sunglasses didn’t make it off. Pay these guys a visit for excellent coffee and some good snacks (definitive food envy was had after we had filled up on hotel breakfast)

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